We have all seen- during cashless hospitalisation- the patient paying from their own pocket because he/she was not fully aware of their Mediclaim policy conditions.

Normally, a patient reaches the hospital with information about the sum insured only. The patient thinks that if his/her policy is for ‘n’ amount, then ‘n’ expenses will be covered by the insurance company. For example, (as a wrong notion) if she/he has a Mediclaim policy of ₹5 Lakhs, she/he thinks that all the expenses upto 5 lakh will be covered by insurance company.

Actually, this does not happen in reality.

Many times, the Mediclaim policy can have sub limits on various things like room rent, disease wise capping, co-payments and other conditions. 

The Insurance company will approve only a partial amount of the total hospital bill after the discharge because of these policy conditions.

If you have a Mediclaim policy and feel that you are covered for full sum insured, please get your current mediclaim policy assessed from us. We will clear all your doubts about your policy.

Also, with time, the cost treatments across the country and the world will keep increasing. Please ensure that your sum insured in your policy should be able to cover your hospitalisation expenses in case of any medical emergency.