Planning to buy New Mediclaim Policy?

Planning to buy New Mediclaim Policy?

Do you always buy the cheaper things for yourself, or quality products which give the best value for money?

The answer is, for obvious reasons, quality.

What Mediclaim policy to Buy?
Various insurance companies are now offering and come up with an upgraded Mediclaim policy. It is very difficult to select one policy as most of the policies have similar features, exclusions and rates.

If cost price (premium) is your only and topmost criteria to select a new policy for yourself, then you really need to rethink and reconsider.

The most important use of a Mediclaim policy is that it helps you meet your hospitalisation related treatment expenses when you or your family members get affected by an illness. A Mediclaim policy covers the financial risk of hospitalisation you may face later in life.

Through our experience at Hospitals, most of the time the patient pays from their pocket a huge amount for treatment if they don’t have a Mediclaim policy. In other cases, they end up paying a partial bill as the patient does not cover the full cost of hospitalisation due to under cover in Mediclaim policy.

Why compromise on Health insurance?

Why do we blindly follow websites that compare the costs of insurance policies and choose our best fit plan only according to the rate? Most of these cheap policies provide no support later when we need it the most, i.e. at the time of hospitalization.

We, unlike other ‘web-shops’ simply selling policies and only looking at their own profit, are with you right from day one. From providing you the best Mediclaim policy to the time when you need cashless hospitalisation for your illness, we assure you with our support.

If you don’t have a Mediclaim policy already and are looking for an ideal one, you must primarily look for the following features-

  1. Sufficient Sum Insured – Policy sum insured should be able to cover your risk of illnesses. Nowadays, Rs.10 L is the ideal Sum insured for a family.
  2. No Co-payment – There should not be any co -payment charges in the policy. One must pay certain percentages of treatment cost in policy with co-payment charges.
  3. PED (Pre-existing Diseases) coverage – PED should be covered ASAP in the policy. No retail policy covers PED from the first year, but now policies are available with PED coverage from second or third year of policy.
  4. Claim settlement history of the Insurance company should be satisfactory. This means that the claim rejection rate should be minimum and fast cashless approval time.

However, do not worry. If all of this sounds too overwhelming to you, or looks like too much to consider, do remember that we are here to unburden you. Put your trust in us and let us help you find the best suited policy for you. All you have to do is reach out.